Absorbent And Spill Kit

PT. KALSA Triapsara Utama is a distributor of Brady SPC, 3M, Spilltech, Kimberly Clark. Absorbent and Spill Kit is a tool to speed up cleaning oil spills or chemical liquids. Spill Kit consists of Oil Spill Kit and Universal Spill Kit. Oil Spill Kit is only used to absorb oil spills. While the Universal Spill Kit is used to absorb all types of spills such as oil, water and chemical liquids. Type Spill Kit is often used is portable packaging and drum packaging. The advantage of using a spill kit is a quick cleaning process, leaving no residual dirt, and can be used multiple times. Spill Kit is widely used in Oil and Gas, Energy, Mining, Manufacturing, Automotive and Hospital industries. The refill packs have several types including pillow, roll, socks, and pad.
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