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Circuit Breaker Lock Out

Circuit Breaker Lock Out Master Lock & Brady. PT. KALSA Triapsara Utama is a distributor of Circuit Breaker Lock Out Tag Out with various types, types and specific specifications from brands such as Master Lock, American Lock, Brady, Matlock, Panduit, and Supply. We sell Circuit Breaker Lock Out which is one type of Electrical Lock Out product. The Electrical Lock Out itself is part of the LOTO / Lock Out Tag Out equipment which functions as a LOTO tool for locking electrical equipment in the industry.
Circuit Breaker Lock Out is one of the Electrical Lockout Tagout devices in the form of a key or safety device whose function is to lock the breaker on the electrical fuse panel or the engine operational panel to prevent the switch / breaker being turned off / on and on without permission. We provide Circuit Breaker Lock Out which can be combined with American Padlock or other Master Lock padlock / safety locks and Hasps safety. To turn off or turn on a breaker, then the circuit breaker must be removed more, that is how to open the installed padlock and remove this tool. For the needs of this product, please contact us.

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