PT Kalsa Triapsara Utama

Electrical Lock Out

PT. KALSA Triapsara Utama is Authorized Distributor Master Lock, American Lock and Brady, Matlock, Panduit, Catu. Electrical Lock Out is LOTO System intended to lock MCB breaker, MCCB on panel / electrical switch and operational panel of machine. Electrical Lock Out part of Lock Out Tag Out System helps to MCB, MCCB not activated during maintenance process. Electrical Lock Out is made with high quality plastic material and has non conductive properties so as not to cause sparks when application of LOTO System. Electrical Lock Out can also prevent the occurrence of fire. Electrical Lock Out has several types including Circuit Breaker Lockout, Mini Circuit Breaker Lockout, Circuit Breaker Padlock Switch, Rotating Electrical Plug Lockout and Compact Plug Prong Lockout. Use of Electrical Lock Out need to be equipped with Safety Padlock American Lock or Master Lock. It also needs to be equipped with Safety Hasps and Safety Tag Do Not Operate.

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