PT Kalsa Triapsara Utama

Lockout Kit

PT. KALSA Triapsara Utama is a Distributor of Master Lock, American Lock, Brady, Matlock, Panduit, Catu. Group Lock Out or Lock Out Kit aims to facilitate the application of LOTO on group work. In a set of Group Lock Out Kits LOTO equipment has been prepared according to needs so that it makes it easier for workers to carry LOTO equipment. The Group Lock Out Kit consists of two types, namely Electrical Group Lock Out and Mechanical Group Lock Out. Examples of Electrical Group Lock Out type is type 1458E410 which contains LOTO equipment for electrical work areas including safety padlock zenex 410, padlock 427 switch breaker, hasp 427, 428, adjustable cable S806, plug cover 487, 488, circuit breaker lock out 491B, 493B , 496B wall switch cover, and 497A safety tag. Whereas the example of Mechanical Group Lock Out is 1458V410 type containing safety paden zenex 410, hasp 420, 427, adjustable cable S806, gate valve cover 480, 481, 482, ball valve lock out S3068, safety tag 497A. Some types of Group Lock Kits include 1458E410, 1458V410, 1458VE410, 1458E1106, 1458V1106, 1458VE1106, 1458E3, 1458V3, 1458VE3, etc. All LOTO Group Lock Out Kits refer to OSHA safety standards so that they can be used in all types of industries such as Oil and Gas, Energy / Power Plant, Mining, Heavy Equipment, Manufacturing, Automotive, Pharmacy, and Food and Beverage.

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