PT Kalsa Triapsara Utama

Mechanical Lock Out

PT. KALSA Triapsara Utama is a Distributor of Master Lock, American Lock, Brady, Matlock, Panduit, Catu. Mechanical Lock Out is LOTO System intended to lock valve or faucet in industrial pipe. Mechanical Lock Out of Lock Out Tag Out The system helps to prevent the valve or tap from playing during maintenance. Mechanical Lock Out is made with high quality Zenex plastic material and is resistant to harmful chemical fluids when applying LOTO System. Mechanical Lock Out has several types including Rotating Gate Valve Lockout, Pressurized Gas Valve Lockout, Ball Valve Lock Out Device and Butterfly Valve Lockout Device. The use of Mechanical Lock Out needs to be equipped with Safety Padlock American Lock or Master Lock. It also needs to be equipped with Safety Hasps and Safety Tag Do Not Operate.

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