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Haws 7554 Dust-Proof Personal Emergency Eyewash Station
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Last Updated
13 Apr 2017
Country Origin
United States
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1 unit

Specification of

Specifications :

Model 7554 is a wall-mounted, dust-proof, dual bottle personal eyewash station that includes one 500 ml (16.9 fl oz) Sterile pH Neutral solution bottle and one 1000 ml (33.8 fl oz) Sterile Saline solution bottle in a tightly-sealed enclosure. Recommended wash time: 2 minutes with the pH Neutral solution and 5 minutes with the Saline solution. Includes a visual assistance mirror. Fluid carries a 3 year shelf life. Store at room temperature 41-95° F (5-35° C).


Applications :

Haws Personal Emergency Eyewashes are for use when dirt, dust or other contaminants come into contact with the eyes. Ideal for quick access to first aid in case of eye injury. Mounted at the immediate point of need, this personal eyewash will provide immediate flushing until a primary station can be reached.


Features & Benefits :

1. Dust Protection, tightly-sealed durable enclosure protects eyewashes from dust and debris, keeping bottles clean and hygienic in dirty environments.
2. Immediate Flushing, the eyewashes provide immediate flushing fluid while the injured person is en route to a primary emergency station.
3. Dual Eye Protection, with two ergonomic streams, the DUO eyewash provides simultaneous eye coverage allowing both eyes to be treated with an advanced rinse process for supplementary flushing support.
4. Sterile Saline Effectiveness, the sterile sodium chloride Saline solution rinses the eyes to reduce the risk of severe injury caused by chemicals or particulate contamination.
5. Ph Neutral Advantage, a sterile pH Neutral phosphate solution is able to neutralize any acidic or alkali substance that enters the eyes to help restore a proper pH balance (only available pH neutralizer on the market). Recommended for chemicals with pH levels above 10 or below 4, though it can also be used for pH neutral contaminates.
6. Ansi Compliance, ANSI compliant for supplemental equipment. Reference ANSI Z358.1 Supplemental Equipment/Personal Wash Units (Section 8.1).
7. Mounting, wall-mounted dust-proof enclosure is easily installed close to a potential hazard. Mounting hardware included.

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