PT Kalsa Triapsara Utama

Safety Hasps

PT. KALSA Triapsara Utama is the sole Distributor of Master Lock, American Lock and Brady, Matlock, Panduit, Catu. Safety Hasp is a hook to help lock when a user implements a LOTO system involving multiple people or multiple departments. The process of applying Lock Out Tag Out often involves several departments of HSE / Safety, Maintenance, Engineering and Production. This is done so that every maintenance job can be monitored by each part. Implementation of LOTO system that does not involve several departments is very potential to create work accident because of miscommunication or miscommunication between departments. Safety Hasp helps to associate the safety padlock of some departments involved in the LOTO system implementation. Users of each department need to use a safety padlock with different colors when the safety padlock is attributed to Safety Hasp. Different colors of the safety padlock will make it easier and faster for everyone to visually monitor the departments involved in the application of Lock Out Tag Out. Safety Hasp has several variations of material including Nylon Non Conductive, Spark Resistant Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Heavy Duty Steel. Safety Hasp Nylon Non Conductive is used specially in electric area. While Safety Hasp Aluminum has a very light weight that helps when the use of Safety Hasp in large quantities. All Safety Hasp types are strongly designed, and resistant to corrosion. Safety Hasp has several types of capacity hook safetylock padlock. Safety Hasp has a safety padlock capacity of two (2) to twenty four (24) holes. Some Safety Hasps are equipped with "Do Not Operate" tags / labels to be easily understood during industrial machine maintenance process Some other Hasp safety needs to be equipped with "Do Not Operate" tags / labels "LOTO / Lock Out Tag out will works well when it is equipped with three (3) safety padlock, safety hasp and tags All Type Safety Hasp refers to OSHA safety standard so it can be used in all industries such as Oil and Gas, Energy / Power Plant, Mining, Heavy Equipment, Automotive, Food and Beverage, Pharmacy and Manufacturing.

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