PT Kalsa Triapsara Utama

Testing Equipment

PT. KALSA Triapsara Utama is a distributor of Fluke, BW, Extech, Lutron, Sanwa, Kyoritsu, MSA. Testing equipment consists of several types such as gas detector, thermometer, multimeter, clamp meter, environment tester, insulation resistance tester. Testing equipment is a very important tool to measure the state of the environment in the industry. Users need to make sure the environment meets the permitted standards such as noise, brightness, room temperature etc. While in the electrical circuit need to know the resistance, current and voltage. It is also useful to know the leakage of gas pipes as in the gas detector. Environmental conditions that are measurable according to work standards make the work environment comfortable and safe. Each testing equipment has been through the calibration process so that users can directly use.

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